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Long Giang  Production & Trading company limited  was established on June 21, 2005 and is a unit of production and trade fabrics and garments in Viet Nam.

Long Giang Company is known as the  distributor of genuine fabric “Kaki Thành Công, TR  fabric to supply  to  a prestigious company as Nha Be, Phong Phu,  Saigon 2…  as well as   specialized in manufacturing orders  in work wear and Luxury fashion wear.
We also know that  developing  and supplying new fabrics from all materials requested by the company with the best quality and competitive price.   With over 15 years experience in  manufacturing  and sourcing  fabrics, we have responded to customer results accurately and quickly.
In addition, Long Giang also provides various types of fabrics imported from India, China, Thailand, and Taiwan ... as  stripe 100% cotton shirt high densitydenim, women's fashion fabrics (chinfon,silk, ITY spandex ...)
Besides fabrics, we also specialize to design and supply of various garments orders for domestic market and export:

     Men's fashion: shirts, trousers, Polo shirt, T-shirt.
     Women's fashion: dresses, jackets, shirts fashion line.
     Children's fashion: T-shirt, jeans, khaki ...

With business policies are aimed at expanding commodity markets quickly and efficiently, we are expecting to receive any requests from our partners to jointly develop the business of the two sides.
We sincerely thank the support of suppliers and customers helped the company Long Giang in the past and wish to continue to receive attention in the future.

Best regards!

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